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Welcome to the Imagination of Ty Power, and my new domain - A Dark and Scary Place.

This is a writing site with the emphasis primarily on my fiction and non-fiction books.

I currently have eight books available:

Psychotica (A Crime/Thriller with Fantasy Undertones)
Survival of the Thickest (A Humorous Novel)
Memories of an Ageing Rocker (A Wry Anecdotal Memoir of Rock & Metal Gigs)
Waves of Perception (Mind-Bending Tales of Science Fiction)
Unlucky For Some (Tales of Horror & the Supernatural)
Graveyard Horror Reviews (200+ Horror Film Reviews)
More Graveyard Horror Reviews (Another 200+ Horror Film Reviews)
New Graveyard Horror Reviews (Additional Horror Film & Horror Book Reviews)

Halfway down the Homepage you will find a Gallery of the Book Covers.

Underneath this is the Book category. Each title has links to Find Out More, and Click to Buy.


I hope you enjoy reading them even half as much as I enjoyed the writing.

Please leave a review on the relevant Amazon page, and spread the word to other interested parties.

I have many more book projects pending, so watch out for the updates in Coming Soon & Bio of a Typo.


In the Reviews section there are categories for Science Fiction/Fantasy, and Crime/Thriller Films.

There is a category for 1950s Monster B-Movie Films, and one for Radio Dramatisations & Audio Books

Also here you will find Music & Soundtrack Reviews, plus Reviews for TV Animated Superhero Shows, an

In the News Section at the top of the Homepage, Bio of a Typo is a Timeline of Events.

There will be a Writing Biography added to that section.

In the News Section there is also a Coming Soon Category.