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A Dark and Scary Place

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Look out for a brand new suspense thriller novel, with elements of fantasy - coming soon!

1950s Monster B-Movie Reviews

Tarantula and The Mole People are two of the films analysed in the next update.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Reviews

Next time we look at seasons one and two of the original series of The Outer Limits, plus the classic Death Race 2000, and Flash Gordon.

Crime/Thriller/Mainstream Reviews & Superhero Reviews

For the next update we look at the Crime Thrillers King of Ants, Sleepless Town, The Deep End, and Breakdown starring Kurt Russell.

In the Animated Superhero section we mix it up a little with
The Mighty Thor (The Complete 1966 Series), The Fantastic Four (The Complete 1978 Series) and Iron Man: Armoured Adventures.

Music Reviews

We look at Shotgun Rodeo, Schizo Reject Asylum and Heylel.

Other Pending Additions

In the News: Bio of a Typo category I intend to add a Writing Biography, describing its origins, what I have produced and for whom.