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A Dark and Scary Place

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Books + New Category: Articles, Features & Interviews

Memories of an Ageing Rocker gets an update and a paperback release very soon!

The brand new category Articles, Features & Interviews kicks-off in fine fashion with an in-depth piece on legendary Horror & Science Fiction Writer, Producer, Director & Composer - John Carpenter.

1950s Monster B-Movie Reviews

Next time we look at The Tingler (starring Vincent Price), Superman and the Mole Men (George Reeve), and Howard Hawks classic The Thing From Another World. 

Science Fiction & Fantasy Reviews

Next time we take a break from Babylon 5 with my original review of The Thing From Another World. We also look at the East Asian Natural City, and Down (starring Naomi Watts, James Marshall and Michael Ironside).

Crime/Thriller/Mainstream Reviews & Superhero Reviews

For the next update we look at the Crime Thrillers High Crimes (starring Morgan Freeman) and Q&A (Nick Nolte).

In the Animated Superhero section we Assess
Spider-Man Unlimited - The Complete Series and The Incredible Hulk - The Complete Animated Collection.

Music Reviews & Soundtracks

We listen to releases from the bands Airbourne and Circle of Reason.

In Soundtracks, we assess Jeepers Creepers 3 and The Strangers: Prey at Night.

Radio Dramatisations & Audio Books

We review the Victor Pemberton radio dramatisations Dark and Wolf  from the writer of The Slide and Doctor Who Classic Fury From the Deep.