Memories of an Ageing Rocker

A Dark and Scary Place

Memories of an Ageing Rocker


Welcome fellow Rockers, Metalheads and casual readers alike. Memories of an Ageing Rocker chronicles my weird and humorous experiences over the years going to the various gigs of both local and established bands. It incorporates the rise of a humble little three-piece group, and brings things up-to-date with recent mad occurrences, some of which reflect on the early days.

So, with intriguing titles like:

'Don't show me your flaps and pans...'
'Oh, no, not old Frog-lips!'
'Can I come in and have a chew of your dog's bone?'
'Victim of circumcise...'
'What have you been burning?!'
A Dalek, and Sheep on Stilts.
'There's a bloke on the roof, howling.'
'You can stand a vase of flowers.'
A lion started singing to me.
'You can count to four, can't you?!'
and, 'It needs a gap long enough to get a strange feeling in!'

It promises to be a cool ride. I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did levering these events from my brain's archive.