A Dark and Scary Place



A leading forensics expert is escorted from London to a top secret site in Scotland by two mysterious officials. When the man is reported missing, Marek, a Police Detective Inspector turned Private Investigator, sets out on his trail. His former colleagues are strangely tight-lipped regarding the situation, but Marek is far from being wet behind the ears. He finds help from the most unlikely sources: an eccentric college lecturer and a mystery writer. Previously crippled but now sporting experimental new legs, he uncovers not only a covert organisation but a global-wide conspiracy. To get to the heart of the matter and save the life and sanity of another potential victim, Marek will need to enter the mind of a dangerous psychotic with astonishing abilities.

It might just be a one-way ticket.

Psychotica spans many genres and sub-genres, and will appeal to readers of serial killer fiction, crime thrillers, private detective, psychological drama, mystery and suspense, police procedural, government conspiracy, intrigue, and even elements of fantasy.