Unlucky For Some

A Dark and Scary Place

Unlucky For Some


(Tales of Horror & the Supernatural)

Horror is not just our dark side, it’s our psyche. Our minds play tricks on us; it looks for faces and humanoid shapes in the darkness, where there are none. Less is more, both in fiction writing and on film, for this very reason. The mind cranks up the tension and unseen imagery to a point where it will scare you the most; which is why when the ‘nature of the beast’ is realised, it loses most of its power to frighten. Fear of the unknown is infinitely greater than fear of something real and specific. So, keep to the shadows and you won’t be disappointed…as you’ll find out in more than one of the following stories.

Among the tales on display here we investigate:

A man who has spent years hidden in the darkness.

What happens when the body's defences are low and your inhibitions come out to play.

A man's gift to his pregnant wife which takes on a life of its own.

Someone who has been plagued by catastrophic bad luck his entire life.

Whether innocents can suffer the sins of the father.

A man who dreads being an organ donor, with just cause.

A father and son's startling discovery on a deep sea diving expedition.

and... A new tenant's unhealthy interest in a building's dark past.