Waves of Perception

A Dark and Scary Place

Waves of Perception


(Mind-Bending Tales of Science Fiction)

Reality is a matter of opinion. Reasoning is the journey to those realities. So, join me on this journey to Future Worlds and Alternative Technologies... To strange new Environments and bold new Theologies, where the rules are changed and morals become blurred. To situations where nothing is quite what it seems.

Among this original collection of Science Fiction short stories you'll find: A solitary man who fights for the survival of the human race in a court case against a bizarre new alien species... The young inventor of a radical new media-related technology who attempts to go up against the mega-corporations... Two research institutions take an unhealthy interest in a man who is suffering from memory loss... An internationally renowned clairvoyant who makes an announcement which changes the world virtually overnight... A man with meagre psi abilities is involved in a life or death battle of wills for a mysterious prize... A time paradox produces astounding revelations for a deep space team... A journey of discovery to see what lies at the end of the universe nears its conclusion...

So, take a first step into these realities, and explore the start of countless possible futures. You might just make it out with your sanity intact.